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Unlock Physical Therapy can help return you to your sport after a knee injury. Fusionetics movement assessments used by Unlock PT allows us to perform a whole body movement assessment and send a program to your phone via an App that targets your range of motions and movement deficiencies.
We'll help you bridge the gap between injury recovery and your return to the game.

If you've recently recovered from a sports-related injury, you might feel ready to get back out there. We offer a better option. With our training services, you can identify the type of movement that caused your injury in the first place. That way, you can work to avoid similar injuries going forward.

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Get help optimizing sports performance

Get help optimizing sports performance

Optimizing sports performance can be tough on your own. Reach out to a trained physical therapist for the tips and training you need. We’ll help you become the best version of yourself.

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In just 5 short weeks our daughter had INCREDIBLE gains in speed, strength, confidence and most notably her throwing velocity! UnLock is definitely worth the investment and I would recommend the program!

Tiffany Droddy

Fantastic people and fantastic results.

Steve Murry

My time at Unlock training has been truly unforgettable. Going into this summer, my plans were to move to Los Angeles to play ball. However, those plans came to a halt when I was told I couldn't throw anymore because of a bad rotator cuff. I could not throw a baseball without hurting. My physical therapist at the time pointed me to the Unlock program and pretty much told me to trust him, it will work. After completing my physical therapy, I entered Unlock with an opened mind and ready to buy in to what the team of coaches there had for me. Upon arrival, I was immediately tested, studied, and we began to attack my deficiencies. Monday through Thursday every week we went in there and got after it! Five weeks later, I walked out of there throwing harder, lifting heavier, and feeling like the best version of myself. Oh yeah, and all that with ZERO pain. If anyone is ever on the fence about joining Unlock I 100% recommend it. Thank you to the team and family at Unlock and I will be back!

Logan Angeron